We strive constantly to set a corporate and environmental example, at once with respect to our 1,500 employees, as well as our clients and consumers, and to our business partners.
Which is why we pool our strengths, in order that environmental, corporate and social responsibility become the Group’s cornerstone, through our programme « We are cérélia and we care »

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A pledge for the planet

A pledge for mankind


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At Cérélia, being close by is important.

Which is why we have chosen to site our plants as close as possible to our clients and our consumers.

With 11 manufacturing hubs throughout Europe and North America, we have opted for a strategy of carbon sobriety, based on a progressive approach.

And we’re not kidding! As proof,
here are our main greenhouse gas emission sources

Our initiatives take in all GHG (GreenHouse Gas) emissions, i.e.
sourcing, manufacture and distribution of our products.

We pledge to cut our greenhouse gas emissions in half, but what are we doing in concrete terms? We won’t hide anything from you!


As far as possible, local sourcing of our principal raw materials,
within a radius of 200 km of our manufacturing hubs.


The sustainable development of each of our sectors, supporting farming methods which respect
the environment, biodiversity and human life.


The reduction of wastage on our production lines.


The performance of an energy audit at our European manufacturing hubs to identify possible next steps.


The creation of two manufacturing hubs in Italy and England in order always to be as close as possible to our clients and consumers.

Because we put our heart and soul into it,
we are 100% positive that, by 2022,
we will have cut our Greenhouse Gas emissions in half.


Sorting, an ecological and human challenge!

Helping to protect the environment while creating socially responsible jobs? Yes, it is possible!

At Cérélia, we have set up a sorting system in partnership with a firm specialised in collecting and processing tertiary waste. This network, created in 1997, endeavours to:

• Play a proactive role in protecting the environment by favouring recycling;

• Create long-term local jobs for people suffering from a disability or experiencing difficulties getting a foot on the jobs ladder.

In real terms, what environmental and corporate differences
did we make in 2018? We won’t hide anything from you!

At Cérélia, we help to create socially responsible jobs
by recycling waste!

SWITCHING TO 100% GREEN ENERGY BY 2022 toute-petite-fleche-marron

What is green electricity?

It’s a socially responsible pledge and a solution for the future.

We talk of “green” electricity to refer to electricity produced from renewable energy sources, such as hydraulic, wind, solar, geothermal, wave and tidal energy, or biomass energy (from wood, landfill gas, gas from waste water purification plants, biogas).

We therefore help towards the development of electricity production capacity from renewable sources.
Because we put our heart and soul into it, we will be using 100% green energy by 2022

THE FRENCH WHEAT SECTOR toute-petite-fleche-marron

Because our recipes are simple and traditional, we pay special attention to the quality of the wheat grain used in our preparations. Which is why we are deeply involved with farmers and millers, driven by the same desire to find a different way to grow crops.

From field to fork, they guarantee the demanding standards of high quality, traceable, 100% French cereals and offer a fair return to everyone involved in the sector.


RECYCLABILITY, PLASTIC PACKAGING toute-petite-fleche-marron

To nourish our consumers
with products of quality:


To nourish land and oceans
with plastic packaging:


Controlling and dealing with plastic waste is a major challenge which demands global awareness and a collective approach worldwide. On our scale, however small it may be, we are deeply committed to combating this scourge and our strategy comes in two phases: Recycle, Replace.

Our products are carefully packaged in packaging materials composed principally of cardboard boxes. Despite this, plastic packaging still accounts for 17% of our volume. Its functionality allows us to guarantee the freshness of our products.

Going forward, we have a few ideas: rethink the design of our packaging and work with private-sector firms on recycling strategies. All of this to come up with long-term solutions and abide by our pledge to use 50% recyclable plastic packaging by 2022. Which
constitutes the first practical initiative and a voluntary and sustainable contribution towards combating this kind of pollution.

To add grist to the mill, we’re going to put all of our resources in play to find satisfactory, innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

We still have a long way to go
but, together, we can make a difference.
Cérélia is committed to using 50%
recyclable plastic packaging by 2022!

OUR PAPER PACKAGING toute-petite-fleche-marron

Certified paper helps
to combat deforestation!

Our packaging guarantees the freshness, protection and user-friendliness of our products. And because we cultivate that little something extra, which makes all the difference, we want our paper
packaging to help towards protecting the forest ecosystem.

The forests play a vital role in maintaining social and ecological balance. They provide essential services: regulating the climate, providing a storehouse for carbon, maintaining the soil, allowing the conservation of water resources and protecting biodiversity…

Consume more responsibly? Yes we can! Together, let’s take effective action to conserve the forests and, more generally, protect life on Earth.

Find out why life on Earth in so important:

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Which is why, between now and 2022, 100% of our paper packaging will be sourced from sustainably managed forests.


In 2015, Cérélia launched an endowment fund intended to finance projects of general interest in the field of social responsibility:

Projects identified or sponsored by companies from the Cérélia Group, its employees in particular;

Projects promoting the development of the sectors in which it sources its raw materials, favouring transparency in the sector, respect for the environment, the development of local producers and respect for the social, educational and health conditions of such producers.


Since 2015, our oils and fats containing palm oil have been sourced from RSPO-certified sectors:

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In addition to our membership of the RSPO in favour of sustainable palm oil, we also undertake actions in the field in West Africa trough our Earth AND People endowment fund, to contribute towards the development of a palm oil sector that strictly abides by
the criteria of our charter:

To do so, we have looked to Ivory Coast, the leading palm oil producer in West Africa, the country in which we have found business partners and identified concrete actions in the field.

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End deforestation

Cérélia is one of the founding members of the Alliance for the Preservation of Forests. This is a collective of responsible firms which have decided to end deforestation. A unique initiative in France.

The ambition of the Alliance is to implement a territorial and multi-sector approach, the only way to eradicate deforestation. Why? Until now, the various sectors did not speak to each other.
The Alliance wants to establish dialogue so that each party gets the best out of the practices implemented in other sectors.

Example :

This methodology may benefit other sectors, like cocoa, which is not the case at the time of writing.

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Alliance pour la préservation des forêts


Call for projects? What’s that then?

In December 2015, we set up the endowment fund, Earth & People. Among other things, this association works to promote projects identified or sponsored by companies from the Group, its employees in particular. It is in this context that Earth and People has offered employees of the BU France assistance and advice in their voluntary commitment by taking part in the call for projects.

(Re)discover the projects of our 2 committed employees!

Joêl De Sutter, forklift truck operator at the Dole site, a volunteer at the Jura branch of Secours Populaire

My decision was to get involved, not to stand idly by, to give of myself, like thousands of other volunteers in France, to try to change things”, asserts Joël De Sutter, a very active volunteer at Secours Populaire in the Jura for many years.

Twice a month, the Dole branch of Secours Populaire organises the distribution of food packages and hygiene products. The distribution system as it has been run until now shows its limitations in the face of an increasingly large flow of people in a precarious situation.

To overcome the current limitations of such distribution, the project supported by Joël de Sutter and Secours Populaire in the Jura is to switch from the current system of predetermined packages to a self-service system. The aim is to improve the practices of assistance and solidarity:

By offering more personalised and more participative support to the people seeking help;

By fully respecting the dignity of those people by allowing them to make their own choice of products.

Earth and People will provide funding for some of the stuff we need to run the project.

All this means in depth work with the volunteers, who will have to be trained to be able to set up this new form of support. It is also necessary to modify the set-up of the premises and buy new equipment for the storage of the food products in self-service.

Earth and People will provide funding for some of the stuff we need to run the project.

If you would like to know more about the work of Secours Populaire Français, visit their internet site or their Facebook page:

Stéphane Deguisne, Maintenance Technician at the Vittel site with his association Ring 14 Ensemble

Ring 14 Ensemble was set up in 2013 by Stéphane Deguisne and his wife. Their son, Quentin, suffers from a genetic anomaly of chromosome 14. It was not easy to diagnose because this neurogenetic deficiency is very rare.

After meeting the members of Ring 14 International, they decided
to set up the association, which represents Ring 14 in France. Their objectives are to spread the word on this condition amongst the general public and to collect donations by mounting local events to help the French families affected and support medical research. But what is absolutely vital “is first and foremost to relieve the isolation engendered by the condition and comfort the sick”, adds Stéphane.

Thanks to the call for projects, Earth and People will fund the equipment that the association needs to boost its visibility, like advertising items and PR media in the colours of Ring 14 Ensemble. This will make it possible to participate in events on a larger scale in order to collect more donations for the families and for research.

CÉRÉLIA AND ME PROGRAMME toute-petite-fleche-marron


We have put our heart and soul …. and our values into it!!!

Far from being exclusively a communication medium, our values are intended to be experienced and shared by each and every one of us on a daily basis.

At Cérélia, the well-being and fulfilment of our employees is a priority. Keen to give our employees a voice and in line with our continuous improvement policy, we have set up an online survey, which we call “Cérélia and Me”.

Our objective? To draw up an up-to-date report on working conditions, measure the level of commitment of our employees and then, depending on the outcome, provide solutions devised together and adapted to each and every context. In concrete terms, after identifying any weaknesses, work groups are put together to encourage discussion and bring up any proposals collectively. Depending on the site, various action plans are already up and running or will be so shortly.

The survey has revealed a high level of commitment among our employees. The experiment will be regularly repeated because, yes, at Cérélia, we build our success together!

BAKERY SCHOOL toute-petite-fleche-marron


Personnel is our most important capital and we are happy to invest in that.

In the Cérélia School of bakery of Sliedrecht, we develop people in our production facility to basic qualification level or to another position.

We use innovative systems such as e-learning modules and standardized methods to train people on the line (the so-called Training-Within-Industry method). In addition, we train internal trainers to train colleagues quickly and accurately. To enable the growth of our company, we use external consultants to develop these standardized modules and training courses and to train our trainers.

An innovative competence matrix guides the efforts of our people and provides direction for the internal and external training program.

In addition, we think it is important that our people are proud of our own products and as ambassadors have knowledge of the ingredients and the production process.

Our goal is to have the Cérélia School of Bakery set up in all locations by 2022.