Another way to produce - Cérélia

Another way
to produce

We believe in the power of doing things together.
By working closely with our partners, our customers and our employees,
we can do better at every level of our value chain.

Choosing the right
raw materials

We pay a lot of attention to the origin and selection of our raw materials. Our suppliers and partners are committed with us to responsible purchasing and the use of sustainable raw materials. Raw materials tracking, respect for the environment and people’s health are core elements in our responsible purchasing policy.

Shorter distances,
from producer to consumer

We have one goal : to shorten the distance our products travel… from field to plate. Whenever possible, we choose raw materials produced as close as possible to our production sites.

Our multi-product sites meet local demand and are located as close as possible to our consumers, customers and partners.

3 production sites
in North America

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Flagship products : cookies and cookies dough

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Flagship products: pie dough, pizza dough, cookies and cookie dough

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Flagship products: waffles and pancakes.

9 production sites
in Europe

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Flagship products: pie dough, pizza dough and cookie dough.

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Flagship products: crepes, pancakes and pancake bites

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Flagship products: crepes, pancakes and pancake bites


Flagship products: pizza dough, pastry dough and gluten free dough

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Flagship products: pie dough and pizza ball.

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Flagship product: pie dough and pizza dough.

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Flagship product: pie dough.

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Flagship products: pie dough and pizza dough.

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Saint Laurent Blangy

Plateforme logistique – usine en construction

Decentralised management
for greater efficiency

Our production sites are locally managed by our three business units:
Cérélia France, Cérélia Netherlands and Cérélia North America.

drapeau français et italien cérélia

Cérélia France :

St Laurent Blangy (France)
Liévin (France)
Hoerdt (France)
Dole (France)
Vittel (France)
Rivoli (Italy)

drapeau néerlandais allemand et anglais Cérélia

Cérélia Netherlands :
Sliedrecht (The Netherlands)
Veurne (Belgium)
Corby (England)

drapeau canadien et américain cérélia

Cérélia North America :
Toronto (Canada)

Passing on our baking know-how

Kneading, measuring, turning, rolling, rounding, baking … Our industrial process reproduces the same gestures as the artisan baker. We perpetuate our unique baking know-how with our employees.

processus de fabrication chez cérélia avec les machines

When tradition meets
cutting-edge technology

Our recipes are based on a classic mixture of flour and fat, rooted in culinary tradition. Our manufacturing processes and factories are at the cutting edge of technology. The best of both worlds. In our plants, the facilities are there to serve our employees and the excellence of our process comes from “blockchain” interactions and constant data sharing.