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Where can you find Crêapan?

Hypermarkets, supermarkets,
local stores,
food service.

Why choose Crêapan?

creapan pancakes by cérélia

At Crêapan we love pancakes and dough and we’d like to share our passion with you.

In Belgium we bake pancakes and pancake bites which are easy to heat and delicious to eat!

We also love dough, which we make in an artisanal way in France by using only the finest ingredients. Home baking in your own kitchen will be fun and convenient with our delicious dough products!

Enjoy your Crêapan products,
delicious at any time of the day.

Crêapan products line

packaging crepes

Chilled & frozen Pancakes

Dutch mini-pancakes;
American pancakes

packaging pancakes

Chilled & frozen

Natural Dutch pancakes;
Dutch pancakes with bacon;
Dutch pancakes with cheese;
Belgium chocolate-filled pancakes;
Apple-filled pancakes;
Strawberry-filled pancakes;

packaging pizza

Chilled dough

Pizza dough ball
Mini pizza
Puff squares 
Cookie dough
Shortcrust pastry