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sharing moments

Conviviality is our watchword.

We take care of the tedious part of cooking to let our consumers enjoy the fun side of it, creating enjoyable shared moments with family or friends.

Quick-and-easy recipes or more elaborate ones, it’s up to the consumer.

Cérélia moments

Gourmet breakfast

Pancakes, viennoiseries or cookies ? Waffles or filled crepes? A nice sweet to the day.

dejeuner sur le pouce chez cérélia

Quick lunch

Thanks to pizza and pie doughs, there is always time to eat well at lunchtime.

Atelier créatif complice avec Cérélia

Creative cooking workshop

Cooking brings us together. It allows shared moments for parents and children, among friends, in a lively, fun atmosphere. Everything we love.

Pause sucrée chez Cérélia

Sweet delight

Small sweet snacks for a well-deserved break served with a seasonal fruit.

Pizza time

What’s more delicious than a shared pizza, while watching a movie, enjoying a match or simply chatting to friends?

A table en famille chez Cérélia

Family dinner

It’s dinner time, the time of day when Cerelia gathers the whole family for a good meal.

Consumers’ voice

What do our consumers say on social media?

croustipate cérélia

“My recipes are always a success with Croustipate, unlike with other brands. I have confidence in their products.”

(About the Croustipate products)

te à pizza cérélia

“I recently tried the pizza ball. It’s easy, quick to use and excellent! Well done!”

(About the Croustipate Pizza Ball)

pancakes bananes de pop! bakery par cérélia

“Banana pancakes, at last! They are so good!”

(About Pop! Bakery banana pancakes)

pancakes cérélia

“My sons chose the multigrain pancakes. They know what’s good.”

(About Jan pancakes)