¨The French dough passionates ¨

Localisation française cérélia

Where can you find Croustipate?

local stores.

Why choose Croustipate?

Wake up your inner baker

At Croustipate, we are FRENCH BAKERS:


  • a unique bakery know-how since 1974,


  • dough kneaded in France with love,


  • quality ingredients and responsible supply chains,


  • 100% recyclable cardboard boxes.



Croustipate products line

croustipate pate à tarte cérélia packaging

Pie dough

French origin-guaranteed pie dough;
Puff pastry with fresh butter;
Organic puff pastry with butter;

Gluten-free puff pastry;
Additive-free puff pastry;
French origin-guaranteed shortcrust;
Shortcrust with fresh butter;
Gluten-free shortcrust;
Additive-free shortcrust;
Sweet shortcrust with fresh butter;
Thin pie dough with butter

packaging pate à pizza cérélia croustipate

Pizza dough

Pizza ball;
Pizza kit;
Thin round pizza dough;

XXL Pizza dough;
Organic pizza dough;
Gluten-free pizza dough


Chocolate croissant

Gluten-free dough

Gluten-free puff pastry;
Gluten-free shortcrust;
Gluten-free pizza dough

Organic pie dough

Organic puff pastry;
Organic pizza dough

Creative dough

Square puff pastry;
Brick pastry sheets;
Filo pastry sheets

Croustipate, all around the clock !

With Croustipate,
Be proud to play dough and become the LORD 
of quiche or pizza !


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