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Drive responsible sourcing

Support the sustainable and ethical practices of our suppliers

Act on the palm oil sector:
Cérélia’s Sustainable Palm Oil Charter

Since 2014, Cérélia has been committed to using only sustainable palm oil that meets the highest standards. To meet our demanding requirements, we have decided to create our Cérélia Sustainable Palm Oil Charter.

7 key principles


Oil of known origin


Oil that has not contributed to deforestation or the conversion of peatlands and High Conservation Value areas


Oil that is not produced by slash-and-burn agriculture


Oil produced by growers who respect environmental best practices


Oil that is produced in a manner that upholds the rights of local communities


Oil produced in a manner that upholds human rights and workers’ rights


Oil from a supply chain that includes and support smallholders

pour une agriculture du vivant

Acting on the wheat sector and promote soil-friendly farming methods

In France, we have joined the “Pour une agriculture du vivant” movement (For agriculture of the living). This cooperation between pioneer farmers and leaders in the agricultural and food sectors engaged in the agro-ecological transition finds a natural echo in our CSR commitments and our corporate philosophy. Concretely, for Cérélia, this means…

Sourcing French
flour locally

working with short channels
in order to reduce transport and intermediaries.


to support our farming partners towards agro-ecology and improve their soil regeneration index.

Promoting agro-ecological practices

in order to act in favour of soil regeneration, the diversity of cultivated species and ecosystems.

Active research in circular packaging

The challenge concerning the packaging of the future is to innovate to create sustainable packaging taking its end-of-life into account.

Innovation with (RE)SET

In July 2019, we embarked on a (RE)SET open innovation programme on the theme of “Plastic-free Packaging”.
As a result, three flexible plastic-free packaging pilots are currently in development. Our ambition is to offer products in plastic-free packaging by 2025.

fsc forrest

Responsible paper packaging

100% of our paper packaging come from responsibly managed forests.