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des recettes simples chez cérélia

Simple recipes

Flour mainly, fat, a little water, a little salt or sugar and sometimes just a few ingredients such as chocolate chips or pieces of fruit to vary the pleasure. This is how we make most of our recipes. Always as close as possible to home-made!

bon et sain chez cérélia

Healthy and tasty

Our R&D department works hard to reconcile both nutritional optimisation and gustatory excellence. This is reflected in particular in the reduction of salt in our pie crusts and pizza crusts, and also in the reduction of sugar in our pancakes and cookies.
Our product ranges offer recipes based on whole-grain or multi-grain flour, appreciated for their fibre content, their nutritional quality but also their more distinctive taste.


Meet all expectations

Because consumer trends and demands are evolving, we remain attentive and offer a wide range of products…

– Gluten free
– Organic
– Rich in protein
– Vegetable recipes suitable for vegans



fruits et legumes cérélia

Fruit and vegetables:
our cooking allies

What could be more universal than an apple pie? Seasonal fruit and vegetables are the perfect allies for our products, allowing the preparation of balanced meals, adapted to everyone’s diet.


Sain et bon avec cérélia

Full disclosure on our Nutriscores

We are committed to developing new Nutriscore A and B recipes by 2025 without compromising on taste.

pancakes nutriscore cérélia
pate a pizza nutriscore cérélia
pate à tarte nutriscore cérélia
cookies nutriscore cérélia