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Why choose Jan?

For Jan it’s all about creating happy faces around the dining table. For over 25 years Jan has been focusing on creating products that are a joy to eat, easy and fun to prepare – Handmade according to grandmother’s recipe, because that is what Jan likes the most.

It all started with (large) pancakes and pancake-bites, and since he was already using the finest ingredients, he also started with making his own pizza dough, pie dough, puff pastry and flammekuchen dough. Nowadays Dutch families love the Jan brand for its quality products and fun character.

Jan products line

packaging Jan crepes pancakes

Large pancakes, Pancakes,

Mini pancakes

Natural pancakes;
Multigrain pancakes;
Pancakes with bacon;

Banana pancakes;
Natural Dutch mini-pancakes;
Sweet Dutch mini-pancakes;
American pancakes;
American Blueberry pancakes

Pizza dough

Pizza ball;
Pizza kit;
Mini-pizza dough;

Thin round pizza dough

Creative dough

Puff pastry;
French quiche

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