Smart distribution - Cérélia


Optimizing our distribution is a daily challenge. Imagination,
initiative and experimentation are at the heart of our organization

moins de kilomètres parcourus avec les matières premières chez Cérélia

Fewer food miles

We always set up our plants
as close as possible to our
customers and consumers.

chaine logistique agile chez cérélia

An agile supply chain

Fresh products are what we are all about, so we do everything in our power to shorten delivery times.Our organization makes it possible to guarantee great reliability in our customers orders forecasts. These converted into a service rate of around 90%, benefit from short reaction and optimised delivery times.

covoiturage des produits cerelia

Pooling distribution

We join forces with other manufacturers to maximise our flows and fill trucks, which has a direct impact on reducing carbon emissions.

optimisation continue chez cérélia

Energy and environmental performances

We are currently renovating our storage warehouses to improve the energy performance of our refrigeration systems.

meilleures performances énergétiques

Ongoing optimisation

Our distribution network is constantly evolving, as our latest acquisitions allow us to organise our flows better.