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Pop! Bakery

A Swedish brand

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Where can you find
Pop! Bakery?

local stores.

Why choose Pop! Bakery?

It all started with the sound of an idea being hatched

And like all good ideas, the Pop! Bakery concept was a simple one: to take care of the difficult part of cooking to let the consumers enjoy the fun part of it and the pleasure of composing their dishes according to their tastes.

In our workshops, new ideas are constantly emerging!
The base is always the same : good ingredients and baker know-how.

Pop! Bakery products line

Pie dough

Puff pastry;
Gluten-free puff pastry;
Shortcrust pastry

Pizza dough

Pizza kit;
Maestro pizza kit;
Sour pizza dough;

XXL pizza dough;
Mini pizza dough;
Gluten-free pizza dough;
Italian pizza dough

Gluten-free dough

Gluten-free pizza dough;
Gluten-free puff pastry

Pancakes and crêpes

Swedish pancakes;
American pancakes;
Chocolate American pancakes;
Blueberry American pancakes;

Creative dough

Filo pastry sheets

Pop!Bakery all around the clock !

Pop!Bakery, The fun part of cooking!

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